Course #1: Preparation is Key!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for pet photography sessions? This course covers all the ways I prepare my clients, their pets, myself and my studio or location for my pet photography sessions! I believe preparation is the MOST important part of successful pet photography sessions!

Learn all my tips and tricks for ensuring things run smoothly and what's in the "doggy bag" I carry with me to pet sessions (cat ones too!) that took me almost 10 years to put together.

With this course you also will receive

-FREE checklist for curating your own "doggy bag" for sesssions

-Links to my favourite vendors/products

-Access to our BRAND NEW exclusive community facebook group

*This course is intended for beginner photographers. It does not include a live shooting component. This course will have you ready and set up to take on pet sessions confidently and safely. We will be releasing some live shooting online courses soon to help guide you through various lighting and shooting lessons very soon!

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